90% OFF Discount on an iPad, iMac or iPhone

Penny auction or also known as bidding fee auctions means a member must pay a non-refundable fee to place a bid.  

The auction ends after a period of time of which the last participant who placed the bid wins the item and pays for the final bid price which in turn is cheaper compared to the retail price of the item. Bidding could be an option of getting an iPad, iMac or iPhone 90% off the price is something that we can discuss. Swoggi is one of the online bidding site which offers a wide variety of items, from gift cards to gadgets and then offers 90% off their retail prices. It is a well managed site that caters auction and offers free registration to anyone willing to pump up the business. Seeing those apple items was breath taking and prices placed on each item was definitely very inviting. The site was detailed as it provides help options to understand the mechanics and system of it. Bottom line of the mechanics, say if the member wins the bidding he/she pays the auction price at 90 percent discount to get the winning product.

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Participants pay a fee to purchase bids

So say, 100 bids for $10. Each of the bids increases the price of the item on an incremental amount and extends the time of the auction by a few seconds. Bid prices vary by site and quantity purchased at a time, but generally cost 10–150 times the price of the bidding increment. The auctioneer receives the money paid for each bid, plus the final price of the item. If you bought $50 of credits for a bid but only used $30 of them, that other $20 can be withdrawn based on Swoggi’s terms and conditions.

Winners are being notified. How to pay and claim the items are available through my account section of the site. Items are being delivered 2 – 5 days after the invoice has been paid. It comes with the manufacturer’s warranty which in turn allows you to drop by to any authorized centers in case needed. Winners have the option to either redeem or cancel the purchase within 14 days provided the product is unopened and unused. Furthermore, the members will then be reimbursed for the amount paid for the item (lowest unique bid), less shipping and handling.

Scam or Legit

Running through the site aides you of understand the offer. Everything in there is eye-cathing just with one look. An offer could turn out to be a scam if you know so little about it. You always have the option to research or simply click and read the terms and conditions. Knowing them is worth the time before hitting bid or purchase. The site is literally a gamble with consent, otherwise try purchasing those items over the counter.


To sum things up, therefore legit penny auctions and it is best to focus on them. However, some sites have modus for tipping the balance which in the 1st place is in favor further into their side. Some users may post negative reviews and etc about the site or the offer. But regardless of it would be, try heading into something that does have a good track of record.

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