Apple is no longer a bulletproof: Apple surpasses Microsoft in security vulnerabilities

Apple owners should consider that Microsoft products are a lot safer with their operating system security. Apple surpasses Microsoft in vulnerabilities. We know Apple was an unbeatable operating system when it comes with operating system security, many users of Windows switched to Apple because of the widespread hacking back then. Most professionals use Apple products to avoid the hassle of Windows known virus, bug and others.

For many years, Apple customers taunted Windows users for all the malware and system security vulnerabilities that plagued the various Windows operating system. Today, things have changed a little because Mac OS and iOS now have much more vulnerabilities than Windows Operating System.


The results come out by means of CVE Details Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, which attracts on safety vulnerabilities reported to the National Vulnerabilities Database, that is run by the U.S. government.

Apple led the way in which in 2015, having a total of 384 vulnerabilities for Mac OS X, carefully followed by iOS with 375. Adobe held the following four spots with three to Adobe AIR, the AIR SDK and AIR SDK and compiler) at 246 each, followed by Internet Explorer at 231. Google Chrome was next with 187 vulnerabilities, followed by Mozilla Firefox at 178, which just which only shows that regardless of decades on the market, browsers remain a mess.

The highest-ranking is Microsoft operating system was actually Window Server 2012 at 155 vulnerabilities. Windows 7 OS, Windows 8 and 8.1 had 147, 146 and 151. After that, it had been a mix of Acrobat, Linux as well as other products.

Now, you may be aware the 3 Windows desktop operating system combined it will result to 444, besides that in the event you ever check patches Microsoft issues, they’re common among all of the operating systems. That is why there is only a tiny distinction between the three versions.



Microsoft Vista also made the list with only 135 vulnerabilities, placing it pretty close to its newer versions. So there’s overlap. Exactly the same applies to three Adobe AIR entries. Not certain why they split them out, however, the reality that all three had the exact same vulnerabilities indicates they were common to all three versions.

it doesn’t assist that the Mac OS X platforms aren’t broken out whilst Windows versions are. That is most likely simply because you will find a lot of versions of Mac OS X available.

Steam Analytics lists a list of various versions of Mac OS X, each with tiny percentages of market share. While IOS features a lot of vulnerabilities, but not all are harmful because one’s discovered on Android just like the malvertising known as Stagefright 2.0 virus that ruins your phone.


It is important to keep in mind that it is not purely the amount of vulnerabilities that matter but the severity. The vulnerabilities list is just the total number reported, not how bad it is. There are many stack overflows is nothing comparison to malware that totally takes over your system. However, the Apple users can no longer make claims that their operating system is bulletproof!

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