Apple Watch 3 Review

THE BEST thing Apple’s third smartwatch delivers is liberty without FOMO.


  • Independent 4G link
  • Siri gets a voice
  • Counts the stairs you climb
  • More heart-rate detail
  • Quicker operation
  • Quicker wi-fi connection
  • Smarter watch faces
  • High-intensity interval training service


  • Greater price for mobile
  • Marginally thicker body
  • 4G connection drains battery quicker
  • Just works with Apple iPhone

The brand new Apple Watch finally enables you to leave the home for a run without the burden of a pocket or phone flapping around in your pocket.

This device a rare case of wearable technology which could be used independently of a smartphone, and it might pave the way for much more after persuasive Aussie telcos to let users disperse 1 telephone number across multiple gadgets.
Apple’s new Watch also supports more exercise styles, understands how many times you take the stairs, and talks back to you for the very first time.

Is this, then, the smartwatch Apple initially meant to create? We have worked out with it and tried to work it out for you.


It appears to be a simple improvement — a mobile connection in a smartwatch — but it provides far more advantage to the experience.

If you have ever buried your smartphone at the shore, missed calls in your letterbox, or suffered a fitness class wondering what texts and tweets you are missing, you will know that a connected smartwatch can be helpful.

Apple also used its specific powers of persuasion to convince Australian carriers to provide two connections from one telephone number for this device.

Just having the ability to walk away from the smartphone, be it in your workplace or at your bedside, and know you won’t miss messages is refreshing.

Calling on Siri to initiate a telephone call, set a reminder, or compute the square root of pi where you’re also a novelty which has yet to wear off.

Many applications also work on the small screen. You may browse mails, look at Instagram photographs, or call up weather forecasts, for instance.

If you sync with the Watch while it is charging, you may even load songs and playlists from Apple Music to it and play them via Bluetooth headphones later.

And, naturally, you can hail an Uber or pay for products with Apple Pay using only this Watch, which means that you could enjoy a night out even without complete pockets or a handbag.

You simply won’t have the ability to snap selfies with it.

There are just three more serious caveats to separate smartwatch usage, however.

First, you can not use a Watch 3 without first connecting it to an iPhone. It’s not a complete smartphone choice, and you can’t buy this watch rather than a phone.

Secondly, not all programs work independently on the Apple Watch. Facebook and Messenger, as an instance, will send alarms to your Watch but they won’t show the content of these alarms. That can be frustrating.

Third, you have to enable a 30-second window while your smartwatch realizes it is missing a network link and finds its own mobile signal. It is by no means a deal-breaker but, if you are unlucky, you can miss a phone call through the changeover.


If you’re expecting a makeover, you may be disappointed.
If you’re concerned about a larger Apple Watch, however, you are sure to be excited.

The Apple Watch 3 appears almost identical to the version it replaces. It weighs less than 1 gram over its predecessor, its case is precisely the same size, and its own “bulge” that sits on the wrist is just marginally thicker.

It manages this feat despite including a 4G connection, a new quad-core processor to boost your relationship, and a quicker S3 quad-core chip that promises a speed increase of around 70 percent.

In practice, applications load noticeably faster with this Watch. Even an overcrowded principal menu appears in a single second and Instagram no longer times out before showing pictures.
As you would expect, its mobile connection can drain this

Watch’s battery faster than normal, however. Taking a phone call over a 4G link will sap its life immediately, and Apple only promises an hour of talk time from your wrist.

When you are swapping from a phone link, wi-fi, and 4G, however, this Watch will continue the day. In our experience, using a 4G connection just meant a smaller battery buffer left at the very end of the evening.


The Apple Watch adds a detector that means it quite literally knows what is up.

It is called a barometric altimeter and it means the Apple Watch can evaluate how many staircases you climb throughout the day and, importantly, whether you walked up hills and deserve additional fitness credit.

Wearable tech competitions like Fitbit have offered this dimension for a while, but it is a handy catch-up item.
New WatchOS 4 software also adds support for HIIT workouts, or high-intensity interval training, and will enable you to begin a workout without a particular calorie or time objective.

Fit users who switch from one exercise to another — investing in a treadmill for a rowing machine, for example — can also swap from 1 workout mode to another on this Watch, mixing them into a single calorie-burning festival.
Apple has also added smart applications additions around heart-rate monitoring. Users can be alerted when their heartbeat passes 120 beats per minute despite being idle for 10 minutes, and it plots users’ heart rates for three minutes after exercise to find out their recovery speed — an advanced means of judging fitness.

Combined with existing features like GPS-tracking and water resistance, Apple has produced a fitness device which should worry the likes of Garmin and Suunto.


That old expression ‘third time’s a charm’ seems apt here.
Apple’s newest Watch feels like a whole wearable gadget on the market, from its exercise focus with higher heart-rate detail and elevation-tracking to its rapid performance, alarms, and increased app selection.

Including a 4G link for this smartwatch appears like ticking the final box on the wishlist, after must-have things like water-resistance, payment technologies, and increased responsiveness.

The Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t perfect, obviously. Like many smartwatches, it might benefit from longer battery life, and it can only be used with iPhones — no Google Android users can use.
The Watch 3 is a capable advocate for wearable technologies, however, and just might convince more people to leave their smartphone at your home and go for a walk.