The Brand New Nokia 3310 is too Simple for 2017

Nostalgia’s a funny matter.  Does anybody actually have fond memories of a mobile phone which was just great for calling your daddy to come pick you up in college?

Apart from using a similar contour, the newest Nokia 3310. A 2.4-inch (240 x 320) color screen, for example, although it’s hardly visible in direct sunshine.  And how about that 2-megapixel camera with flash?  It is pretty awful, and you need to move snaps over to a PC to see them in a decent resolution, but it is far better than nothing, which is precisely what you have with the first 3310.

Then there is the FM radio and MP3 player, MP3 ringtone support, voice note recorder, calendar and weather programs.  The device includes a movie player, also, which will not immediately make sense, aside from playing back clips listed via the 2MP camera.  However there are sites which allow you to easily convert YouTube videos to 3GP format, which you may then bung on a microSD card — yep, the brand new 3310 includes a microSD slot.

Some of the easiest attributes on the new 3310 would have appeared strange on a phone in the turn of this millennium, such as the loudspeaker and 3.5millimeter headset jack, let alone Bluetooth aid for pairing wireless speakers and headphones.  

You have got the first Opera Mini WAP browser for internet surfing, although most sites are a jumble of unreadable text since they attempt to leave on the small screen.  It is still possible to check your Gmail, and you will find easy applications offered for Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger that scale appropriately into the conservative resolution.  Doing anything on the internet is long-winded and bothersome, but since you are forever awaiting the slow 2.5G link (there is no WiFi to talk of, sadly).  It is the worst and also a sobering reminder of what we take for granted from the 4G smartphone age.

But it works both ways since the brand new 3310 embodies a number of those user-friendly items we have long forgotten about.  Remember when your phone would last an entire week without having to be uninstalled?  Or whenever your phone would not split into uselessness in the mere hint of a 3-foot fall?  How about the sense of authentic feedback you simply get together with all the glorious click of bodily buttons?  On a related note, predictive text is horribly accurate contemplating one key press could be any of four or three words — not that I wish to return to the pre-full computer keyboard days.

In a variety of ways, the newest 3310 harks back to simpler times, but additionally, it misremembers some vital specifics.  Just how do HMD even call this a 3310 if you can not replace the front and rear shells?  The scope for customization has been among the greatest things about the older version.  Back then, a couple of dollars would buy you a glistening metallic cherry number with spring-loaded keypad cover and also, obviously, infinite cool things.  Now you’ve just four colors to pick from: yellow, blue, red and gray.  

Additionally, there is some odd new abomination of Snake produced by Gameloft that is barely recognizable in the semi-infinite arcade game of older.  It is brilliant and contains amounts, power-ups along with a selection of management schemes.  Worse yet, there is no admin founder, which has been a part musical tool, part sport, and the ideal way to end up after an extreme Snake session to the school bus.

After all, we understand why the new 3310 was the largest announcement in this year’s Mobile World Congress conference.  There is nothing like a retro product to whip up the net to a frenzy.  

But using the newest 3310 as the main phone for the best aspect of a week, not really that interested in pseudo-reliving that the Nokia heydays.  It is small and light, vibrant and adorable, but think about all of the programs you use on a daily basis.  There is no loading up Google Maps to navigate an unknown section of town, or checking train times.  No WhatsApp or Instagram or even Tinder or even Spotify or YouTube.  

What is more, the new 3310 is pricey for what it is.  It is possible to purchase smartphones for that type of cash — the most recent version of Android, but fully expensive smartphones in the likes of Alcatel, ZTE and Archos all exactly the same.  And in case you really, really need a simple telephone — a do not-mind-losing “holiday telephone,” for instance, then get a Nokia 216.  It runs precisely the exact same Nokia Series 30+ applications, therefore that it does everything the brand new 3310 does and you receive a front-facing camera.  Simply speaking, it is both better and cheaper.

According to Strategy Analytics, nearly 400 million attribute phones were shipped this past year, with over 35 million bearing the Nokia name.  But if you take a look at a particularly common market like India, in which attribute mobile sales outpace those of smartphones, the brand new 3310 remains perplexing.  

There are different forces at play here, however.  Finnish firm HMD International obtained the rights to use Nokia’s name only on particular products now this past year, therefore it is still fairly fresh in the public consciousness — not perfect once you’re trying to drum up interest into a brand new selection of Android smartphones bearing Nokia logos, particularly after Microsoft’s failure to create a success of this Lumia brand.  Whichever way you look at this, the new 3310 just is not applicable in 2017.