How To Check If You Installed A Malicious Pokémon Go App?

Pokemon GO is the first Pokemon augmented reality game released by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. Pokemon Go game was released in Australia and New Zealand on July 4th and users in other areas immediately tried to find their way to download the app.

It was later on released in the US on July 6th, but the remaining countries will stay tempted to get a copy to experience the game. To that end, several blog sites and youtube videos have posted tutorials for “side-loading” the program on Android. Yet, as with any apps installed outside of official app stores, users may get a lot more than they bargained for.



Pokémon Go is skyrocketing the number of downloads on Google Play and App Store yet sadly, not everyone can play it. The International release of the game was currently paused while Nintendo and Niantics The Pokémon Company work on repairing server capacity. They did not expect the number of users jammed the server that results in overloading and some unexpected game issues.

Again it is not preventing everyone from finding other means to download variants of the game!

In accordance with security company Proofpoint, via Motherboard, a mirror copy of the app was infected with a malicious remote access software (RAT) called DroidJack is making the rounds now all over the internet. It installs a backdoor giving complete control of the Android phone to hackers.

Proofpoint reports the malicious version of the program was released less than 72 hours after the game was launched in New Zealand and Australia. It is considered that those waiting for the game to rollout in their own states may be attempting to get the game through other means and are in danger of the infected program. They never think of the risk just to play the game.

“Probably because of the fact the game hadn’t been officially released worldwide at once, many gamers wanting to get the game before it premiered in their country attempted to downloading the APK from third parties,” wrote Proofpoint in a blog post.

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What to do if you downloaded a malicious copy of the game and not the legit one?

Likely not. If you downloaded Pokémon Go through a valid app store, in that case, your game is good and safe.

To be able to check the malicious app, you should uninstall the app as soon as possible. Do these following steps – you have to disable Android security which prevents setup of unknown third party programs and ‘side-load’ the game onto your phone.

Compare the permissions on your own downloaded app with those of the official game app.


Pokemon Go Real App Permissions


Pokemon Go Malicious App Permissions

If you downloaded a copy of Pokemon Go that wasn’t from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play online store, you then should go check the list of permissions that the copy of the game has access to and ensure that it isn’t running Droidjack. It’s possible for you to check the access by going into the phone’s settings, then going into the Applications tab, and after that lookup Pokemon Go. If the app shows it has an access to turn on and off your Wifi or can “retrieve running programs” and “run at startup” then you’ve got the variant with Droidjack on it.

What’s Droidjack?

The Droidjack has the ability to mechanically connect to an unknown network, getting programs and download them to your own mobile, running them once you turn your phone on. For people who do not understand, this is generally how private advice and significant data is being stolen through malicious software. Droidjack itself may not do the larceny but as the name suggests, it can readily mechanically download hijacking applications and set your smart device (and private data) at risk. That’s why you need to be extra careful if you are downloading something on your phone.


Pokemon Go Real App Files


Pokemon Go Malicious App Droidjack Files

Pokemon Go is available right now in America, Australia, and New Zealand. The game will be found shortly for Japan, as well as Canada and the UK. Make sure you just download the app game from the official app store only from Google Play and App Store, avoid using ripped APK versions of Pokemon Go, or else you could end up becoming a casualty of some malicious software.

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