Crypto Locker Virus (Ransomware)

The nickname Crypto Locker Virus (Ransomware) is such for a reason; this virus literally takes a hold of your files until you’re ready to pay a fee. It is spread using a very old system – emails. It seems people are still unaware of the dangers of opening unknown emails and their attachments. Millions of computers running on the Windows operating system are considered infected and „held captive“.


The Agenda

As mentioned, the developers of this piece of malware have taken a step ahead in the world of cybercrime – they are making people buy their own computer data. When you install the virus through an email attachment, the program scans for your personal information at which point a remote server is contacted to create a key to encrypt them. When this happens you’re pretty much at their disposal. What’s even worse is that you only have a limited amount of time to act on the threatening message you receive – only 3 days. The message you receive looks just about like any other ransom message – pay up or face the consequences. The amount the victims have to pay is no less than $200 and the payments were made through BitCoin or MoneyPak. In case the directions weren’t followed, the threat was that the files in question would be irrevocably lost.This situation, naturally, causes panic which makes it difficult for the victims to do anything else but give up the money.

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