Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go & Tips How To Avoid It

One of the largest security challenges that Pokemon GO players must learn to manage so that you can remain safe while attempting to catch ’em all.

Just a couple of days after launching, Pokemon GO has proven itself to be a worldwide phenomenon. It’s almost impossible to walk down any road in supported cities without seeing tons of folks catching Pokemon or gyms. Although the game is doing an excellent job getting gamers out into the world to walk around and socialize, there will also be some serious security problems to consider.

Pokemon GO users warned to ‘Beware of your environment!’ display every time they log in and the game’s user arrangement makes sure to place the duty of security onto the gamer, not the game. Despite those appeals for security from Niantic and The Pokemon Company, the addictive mobile AR encounter continues to be prone to direct players right into risk.


Observe Where You’re Walking

The most common and apparent risk related to Pokemon GO is players not paying attention to where they’re walking while they try to earn experience and level up.

The game’s monitoring system motivates users to look down at their telephones frequently to see if they’re becoming nearer or farther away from a specific grab , which can allow it to be a little too simple to stare at the phone screen while walking rather than the trail ahead. In the best case scenarios, this results in walking into a stranger, but near chaotic roads and building zones, the threats jump exponentially.

Reports have come in of one users falling and got fracture bones and it could actually happen to anyone. While monitoring Pokemon, QUIT walking and examine these devices. It’s not worth risking harm. The game will vibrate if your Pokemon seems to catch, so it’s safe to look far from the display while on the move.


Don’t Pokemon GO and Drive

Certainly one of the largest chances for catastrophes while playing Pokemon GO is using a vehicle while playing. I’m disappointed to say that while I was outside playing I saw lots of folks who were clearly playing while driving. Some appear determined to text while driving despite the many car accidents and deaths which could happen to be prevented by placing mobiles away while in the auto, so it’s no surprise that Pokemon GO users may be tempted.

The investigation aspect of the game makes driving from Pokestop to Pokestop really inviting, but that’s dangerous, prohibited, and never in the actual spirit of the game. Niantic and many police stations have previously issued warnings about how silly and dangerous it’s to have the game open while driving. It just takes a brief lapse of focus to cause a deadly car accident and it’d be terrible to lose members of our community in this manner. Be clever and set the phone away while driving.


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Know About Danger Zones/Play in Groups

Sadly, the game may also be dangerous due to external factors like offense. Fortunately, I didn’t run into some of these issues while playing, but the threat is definitely there. It’s a gloomy reality that Pokemon GO is considerably more dangerous in some city neighborhoods than it’s for pupils at a low offense college campus. A lot of people live in neighborhoods where it’s not safe to roam about with a cell phone in hand due to robberies and players must be quite careful to remain safe when outside Pokehunting. This can be true even for players who believe they live in a safe place.

There have already been reports of armed robberies at Pokestops where a lure module was used to pull in casualties. Playing with several friends is considerably safer than roaming about alone, but even in a large group, stay out of dark regions and locations that seem dangerous. The game is about a quest, but it’s still vital that you be conscious of your environment and prevent places giving off a dangerous vibe.


Be Clever!

There are lots of other threats at play when chasing down Pokemon in GO, but those are several of the largest to bear in mind. The game is excellent at bringing people together, so it’d be awful to see any more people get hurt while playing a game that’s supposed to bring happiness into our lives. Stay safe out there Pokemon trainers and be sure you keep your heads up and use your common sense!

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