A Guide For Choosing The Right Laptop: Laptop Buying Guide

Choosing the best laptop to purchase that would best fit your needs is definitely simple if you set your options specifically based on what you need and if the laptop specifications suit the kind of work that you will do and is capable of providing the best quality in terms of its overall performance.

This laptop buying guide 2014 will give you the latest update based on consumer opinion on tech gadgets that will certainly be useful on purchasing what is best for you while saving your precious time and money.

Basic Laptop: Ideal for Web Surfing and Typing Tasks

If you are up to documentation, basic typing jobs or just surfing the net, I suggest you go for middle end laptops with processor I core 2 or 3. This is the standard or ideal specification that could already perform smoothly when doing minimal tasks. In terms of memory, 1 to 2 gig of RAM would suffice. You may opt to choose a hard drive that has a storage capacity of 200 – 300 gigabytes. When it comes to notebook review, you still have to consider the laptop specifications. Surfing the net for the most commonly used brands that are purchased by users are Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Asus and Acer to name a few. These brands are actually chosen by most users as these have gained good review specifically for reliability and performance. Better to check the product information through their official websites to compare and pick your best preference.

Gaming Laptop: Ideal for Gaming and Multi-tasking Users

If you are more of a gamer or heavy user of various applications, it is highly recommended that you choose a high speed processor such as I core 5 and up in order to meet your satisfaction. Consider memory that has a minimum of 4 gigabytes. High end video card with 4 gig and up would do in order to maintain stability while you are playing. By doing so, you can definitely enjoy playing not worrying if your PC will slow down or hang in the middle of the game. I bet, as a gamer, you do not want to be interrupted by such hassle needing to restart your laptop while you are at the best part of the game. The above information are the most relevant and “must have” when deciding on buying a laptop. Following this guideline would minimize the risk of choosing a laptop that is not compatible with the kind of task that you would do daily. This would also be a cost effective guide since you would understand the basics of what you should be looking for.

Here are some add ons to just give you heads up on how you can possibly get the most out of your new laptop.

With our fast evolving technology, it is wise to consider an upgradable laptop so as not to be left behind for new upgrades. Your laptop could be one of the latest gadgets today but eventually, in just few weeks or months, do not be surprised if there are tons of new releases of laptops with higher specifications than what you currently have. I would say it is better to choose wisely from the start than to regret buying it and saying you should have waited a few weeks or months more to buy the latest version. Another thing is that when you buy a laptop then another higher model comes out, the value of your laptop would sooner or later depreciate. In terms of size, if you are a gamer, definitely you would want to fully enjoy the game, so you may opt to buy a laptop with wider or bigger screen. For typing purposes, surfing the net and if you travel a lot, it would be more efficient to buy a handy laptop. Consider a lightweight and not so bulky so you can bring it comfortably anywhere and anytime you prefer.

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