A Guide for Purchasing Microsoft’s Surface Computers

Microsoft currently has many different Surface devices that are intended to replace your laptop.  There is the Surface Book with a detachable screen, the Surface Pro with a kickstand, and today the new Surface Laptop which is the most traditional laptop Microsoft has ever produced.

If you’re considering buying one of Microsoft’s Surface device, here is what you will need to know.


Microsoft made the Book with a removable screen.  You can push a button and the screen will launch and transform into a big tablet.  It is ideal for taking notes down or watching YouTube videos, but unless you are an illustrator, it is not a feature you’re likely to use regularly.

Using the Surface Book as a tablet is not ideal, either.  Battery life when detached from the foundation is just about three hours, and it does not have a kickstand to prop it up on a table or desk.  Windows 10 still lacks tablet apps, so it is ideal for basic tasks such as watching videos or surfing the net.  If that’s all you need to do, then it is fine for this, but for anything more you will need a dedicated tablet like the iPad.

If you stick to using the Surface Book as a notebook, you will get a better experience.  While the screen is a bit wobbly and top heavy occasionally, the foundation for the keyboard is sturdy and great for writing long emails or typing out dissertations.  A touchscreen on a laptop is not essential, but you will see a deficiency of one in the event that you get used to something such as the Surface Book.

The overall dimensions of the Surface Book make it thicker and chunkier than many 13-inch laptops, so think about that in case you’re searching for a lighter laptop.  The bonus of the heft is the battery packaged to the base and the choice to receive a model with another GPU inside.  The GPU-equipped Surface Book make a difference for if you are using them with outside monitors and programs like Photoshop.


Microsoft’s most current Surface Pro simply boosts the internals, the Surface Pen, and introduces some small layout changes.  While the Surface Pro 4’s battery life only lasts around four hours, the most recent Surface Pro stretches to approximately seven hours, and it is a good improvement.  It is more of a refined Surface Pro than a wholly new creation, but Microsoft has also solved a few of the fan problems that have plagued the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4.

If you choose the Core i5 model you will never hear the fans as it is a fanless design (and it is not a Core M processor inside), but even with the Core i7 version.  

The biggest drawbacks to the Surface Pro would be the screen size and the kickstand. It is good for the Surface Pro as a laptop replacement, but when traveling it is hard to use on the lap for long hours of usage.  The kickstand is not sturdy enough, and the keyboard has plenty of flex when it is not seated on a desk.  Microsoft’s 12.3-inch display size is just a little too small, and some favor the larger 13.5-inch screens on both the Surface Book and Surface Laptop.

Microsoft’s most current Surface Pro also includes support for an updated Surface Pen.  While the Surface Pen is currently sold separately, it currently supports tilt for shading and is far more responsive.  

Among the other advantages of the Surface Pro is its weight.  At 2.3 pounds using the Sort Cover attached, it is barely noticeable in a bag.


Microsoft’s newest Surface is a genuine laptop as most individuals think of them.  The wedge-like design is extremely much like the MacBook Air, and the Surface Laptop comes in striking colors to set it apart from most other laptops on the market.  In addition, it includes Windows 10 S, a new version of Windows 10 that is designed to only run Windows Store apps.  You can quickly update to Windows 10 Pro free of charge, and It is highly recommended doing that immediately in case you use a whole lot of conventional Windows apps.

If you have heard about the Surface Laptop, then you have likely heard about the Alcantara fabric that is used to its keyboard and palm rest.  The fabric feels great to rest your palms, and the keyboard is much like the one found on the Surface Pro.  That does mean there is a little bend, but it is nowhere near up to the Surface Pro Type Cover.

The Surface Laptop’s 13.5-inch screen is actually great at colour reproduction. Battery life on the Surface Laptop, whether you use Windows 10 S, is a solid eight hours.  

If you’re searching for only a regular laptop that does not convert into a tablet, then the Surface Laptop is that easy device.  It is likely going to be the best laptop to most Windows users.


If you are considering all 3 Surface devices, then here are some really easy suggestions:

Surface Pro – If you want the lightest computer you can get and you do not care about lap use.  Approximately seven hours of battery life on Core i5 model using a 12.3-inch display.  You will need to Buy a Surface Pen and Surface Sort Cover separately.

Surface Book – If you need a powerful laptop and you are not worried about a marginally top-heavy display.  Approximately seven hours of battery life using a 13.5-inch display.  Base keyboard and Surface Pen included.

Surface Laptop – If you would like a conventional laptop that will do everything needed and running all day.  Approximately eight hours of battery life using a 13.5-inch display.  Surface Pen sold separately.