iOS Flaw could Expose iPhones, iPads to Malicious Apps

iOS flaws

Many has been said and written about Apple’s bionetwork. But not until a distinguished computer security researcher uncovered a threatening bug in ios 5, a bug in Apple’s mobile operating system that grants hackers to control iPhone and iPad apps. It can be used to steal people’s images, contacts and even text messages without the device’s user knowledge.

A researcher at Accuvant and one of the world’s best known Apple hacker, Dr. Charlie Miller disclosed that the Apple App Store isn’t as harmless as publicized. Adding to that, the nasty app can transmit messages and calls payable to the owner of the infected gadget and can penetrate to system files and personal data of users around the world.

He said “Until now, you could just blindly trust and download as many apps as you wanted and not worry about it.” But, while waiting till Apple fixes the problem, Miller cautions all iPad and iPhone owners to “think twice” before downloading anything from the App store.

Apple didn’t comment on the problem with the security flaw and according to him the company was working on the remedy.

He said he decided to blow the whistle so that he could stop hackers from their wicked plan.

A bug that “would affect everybody” and might be used by bad guys has caused Dr. Miller to be banned by Apple for one year from the iOS developer program.

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