iPhone 8 Release Date, News, and Rumors

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date is anticipated to be less than six months from now, and we are already 3D Touch deep into new gossips about its 2017 smartphone.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and also the design is due to big changes. We haven’t seen a brand new look in three years, so prepare to be wowed.

The most notable change might be to the name: iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition, instead of just iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. This is a major refresh for Apple and its own name deserves a giant leap.

Every iPhone 8 gossip really gives us a sense that Apple is overhauling its phone with at least one premium design – what we’re calling the iPhone 8 – while additionally providing a fundamental specs bump for an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

iPhone 8 Release Date

The iPhone 8 release date is the routine new iPhone rumor we anticipate to remain the same every year, but Apple may do something different here, too.

Apple has found a brand new iPhone in September each year since the iPhone 5 in 2012. September iPhone launches have a pretty consistent track record.

Nevertheless, that may be for the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with a worthy, but the ultimately foreseeable layout and feature upgrade.

The iPhone 8 may deviate from this strategy by launching a little bit later (still before Christmas holiday) with the biggest changes for Apple’s smartphone in many years.

Another source reckons iPhone 8 creation is running two months behind schedule, which could mean delays or stock shortages.

We expect Apple to have iPhone launch event around September 8 and send the 7S mobiles one week after CEO Tim Cook first holds them up in the air.

We’re skeptical of such a move, but we do keep hearing the disheartening rumor over and over, as there are signs that Apple could be having problems with both the OLED screen itself and embedding a fingerprint scanner into it.

iPhone 8 Display

The iPhone 8 screen may radically alter in size as well as shape, also it is about time for something larger and more fashionable than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus era display.

The big rumor is the fact that the iPhone 8 will feature a curved AMOLED display instead of the normal level LCD panel, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

We have all seen curved AMOLED displays in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the even bigger Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. iPhone 8’s curve could be less dramatic, but still cooler looking than a totally flat mobile.

There are several other exciting benefits to an AMOLED screen replacing the normal IPS LCD. It can produce better contrast, more vivid colors as well as comprise a battery-saving consistently on display. It is also a better suited for VR and AR features.

This has also more recently been rumored by sources, maintaining that a curved AMOLED display is just one of more than ten prototypes that Apple is considering and that the mobile could even have a higher-than-QHD resolution.

New OLED screen on each iPhone 2017 model due to supply issues. Consequently, Apple may comprise it on just one iPhone 8 version.

Determined by how it all shakes out with Samsung, Apple will probably allow the AMOLED display for just the iPhone 8 Plus, or a separate higher-end 8 Plus Edition, luring you into buying the more mobile rather than the smaller iPhone 8.

How big will the iPhone 8 screen size be? Rumors for this are all over the place, but everything says it’ll be bigger around 5.8 inches, just like the Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 Design

Only when Apple has almost perfected the aluminum unibody mobile with all the iPhone 7, it’s now anticipated to be moving onto an all-glass design.

Yes, the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 is heavily rumored to debut a curved glass back (echoing the front curved display), according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The glass iPhone 8 rumor has since been given more weight, together with the CEO of the company supporting the iPhone’s metal casing claiming one model of the cellphone “will adopt glass casing next year.”

And yet another source also points to a glass back, with a stainless steel frame in place of the aluminum Apple currently uses in its phones.

iPhone 8 Camera and AR Features

The iPhone 8 camera “can do incredible things,” we fully expect Tim Cook to say on stage come September. “We never thought it possible before now.”

Cook’s ambitiously sounding words are practically inescapable. In his quarterly investor calls, he has become captivated by the notion of augmented reality (AR), or what Microsoft calls “mixed reality,” (so you should fully expect Apple to call it augmented reality instead).

iPhone 8 Battery

Anyone with a smartphone understands one battery simply isn’t enough, which could be why Apple is rumored to be adhering two in the iPhone 8 for extended life.

Though that sounds a bit improbable. What’s more likely is that Apple might take on a stacked mainboard internal design for the iPhone 8, according to one analyst.

It might fill all of the saved space with additional battery capacity and also finally support wireless charging without that aluminum layout blocking the transfer of energy (that is why glass and plastic mobiles can do wireless charging and metal mobiles don’t).

Foxconn is supposedly looking into the tech for Apple and, after all, with no headphone jack, Apple is one step closer to being free of cables completely.

iPhone 8 Other Features

It mightn’t just be the display you’ll be socializing with on the iPhone 8, as Apple is, in addition, rumored to be working on a “new sensing technology,” which would permit the phone to react when you touch any side of it. Theoretically, that could be used for example to change the screen brightness by swiping along the edge or shoot a picture by tapping it.

One other rumored feature of the iPhone 8 is an iris scanner, which would not be much of a surprise given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had one and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has the same.

Facial recognition of some sort is appearing ever more likely, as it’s been rumored again, and Apple’s even got a business which works in that area.

The iPhone 8 might tighten up security in other ways also, as an Apple patent details a system which could get a robber’s fingerprints and photograph, as well as recording sound, video, and their location.

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