LG Watch Style Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch 2 Smartwatch

LG Watch Style vs Apple Watch 2: Google has teamed up with LG to deliver the first smartwatches to feature the newest Android Wear 2.0 OS.

The very first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches have arrived in the type of the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport – both designed in collaboration with Google.


The LG Watch Style has been made to appeal to those not necessarily interested in all of the fitness components that sportier wearables are weighed down by. Based on LG, it is a “little, thin and fashionable Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch that’s cleverly designed for urban trendsetters.”

With its slim design, you need to have the ability to place your “styles” with ease, thanks to the 10.79millimeter depth. By comparison, the Apple Watch 2, which comes in a choice of 38mm or 42mm widths, is 11.4mm thick. LG’s offering also comes in three distinct color choices: Silver, Titanium and Rose Gold, and, such as the Apple Watch, lets you use interchangeable “snapshot-and-swap” straps.

The Watch Style is made from exactly the same stainless steel as the Apple Watch 2, though you can even get the Apple Watch in a more economical aluminum variation. Unlike Apple’s device, but the Watch Style is just IP67 rated for waterproofing. That means it will live in the event you get caught in the rain, but you do not need to take it swimming with you. The Apple Watch, on the flip side, is water resistant down to 50m and comes with some swim-monitoring program, too.

While the most obvious design difference between the two is the form of the watch face – annular on the Watch Style, as well as a round rectangle on the Apple Watch – both feature a physical “crown” on the right-hand side.


As mentioned, the LG Watch Style has a ring-shaped watch face, which gives it a resolution of 360 x 360 with a pixel density of 299 PPI (pixels per inch). Which ought to result in a pretty sharp image on the 1.2-inch screen. Apple’s got LG beat in this section, yet – although just marginally. The Apple Watch 42mm includes a 1.65-inch screen with a 390 x 312 resolution and a 303 PPI density. Having said that, the 38mm edition of the Apple Watch 2 comes with a lower pixel density of 290 ppi.

In fact, there should be hardly any difference between LG’s as well as Apple’s smart watches in relation to screen, particularly considering that both use OLED technology. That means that each person pixel emits its own lights, making for better energy efficiency and deeper blacks.

Another minor difference between the two watches is the reality that LG has chosen for Gorilla Glass 3 to shield its screen, while the Apple has a sapphire crystal.


The huge selling point of the LG Watch Style is the reality that, together with the LG Watch Sport, it is the first smartwatch to come with the recently established Android Wear 2.0 operating system.

The OS comes with a load of extras including new Issues, which enables third party programs to show informative data on the watch face itself. Tellings have been streamlined this time around, also, plus Google’s Material Design has been applied to the entire thing, together with the inclusion of an activity and navigation drawer.

Apple’s wearable, on the flip side, runs watchOS 3, which now enables programmers to maintain their programs in the Apple Watch 2’s memory once opened, meaning they open up many times quicker than before. There is also a lot of new watch faces, and the OS is, overall, a huge improvement over Apple’s previous attempts.

Which you favor will mainly depend on which you are most used to, and whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android smartphone.

One place that is simpler to compare is the hardware itself. While LG’s wearable comes with a 1.1GHz Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip backed up by 512MB of RAM, Apple’s Apple S2 chipset powers the Apple Watch 2, along with either 512GB or 1GB of RAM.

There is also built-in NFC in the Watch Style, so Android Pay is now able to be used with the wearable. These specs should result in fast operation in both instances, although we are yet to try out the LG Watch Style.


In the event you are rocking an Android phone, the LG is the clear pick here. We are yet to test out the LG Watch Style, so clearly, we can not say for sure whether it is as great as the Apple, but the LG is the only one of the two to operate with both Android and iOS. It appears Google and LG have done an adequate job of supplying a slick-looking, practical smartwatch, but at this stage, it is too early to say for sure.

iPhone owners and enthusiastic swimmers should probably stick with Apple. The Apple Watch 2’s better water resistance makes it increasingly versatile for those who would like a smartwatch for both the office as well as the fitness center. Additionally, although the LG works with iPhones, you will get a more seamless experience by sticking to the Apple system.

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