Malware Threats Increase

malware threat on android phones

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Malware Threats Increase 472% on Google Android Mobile

Android is really a computer software pile for portable devices that includes an operating system (OS), middleware and key applications.

Malware Threats on Google Android has reached disturbing levels this year, as a result of its increasing popularity and insufficient control on Google’s component according to Global threat Report released by Juniper Networks. Anyone using a developer account, which is fairly simple to create, can submit appeals for the platform without worrying about an application evaluation process, he added.

With Malware Threats on Google Android raised by 472% since July, October and November 2011 saw the biggest surge in Android malware in the platform’s three years history. It became highly targeted as cyber criminals tried to seize security controls positioned to protect users from amassing Trojans.

Mobile malware solutions are in their early stages to ensure that their capacity to safeguard users and networks are very inadequate. The absence of management and lack of education concerning the risk for the end user in this regard where anyone can upload apps without having restriction also causes the issue. By not completely understanding Malware Threats on Google Android Mobile OS, they open themselves to apps which will access all types of information without any knowledge about it.

Malware Threats on Google Android Mobile OS are something we are able to not just forget about!

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