Nokia Humanform Mobile Phone

nokia humanform phone review

Nokia Humanform mobile phone, a brand new innovation in telecommunication technologies was launched at Nokia World 2011 in London. In their recent event, the business exhibited a prototype of a handset with flexible screen. Nokia Style and Nokia Research Center corroborated to produce this most promising device behind touch screen and voice communication.

Make way for the HumanForm, the future of telecommunication. The first phone of its type was developed using nanotechnology to boost user experience. As opposed to most mobile phones, the upcoming HumanForm style is pretty futuristic, distinctive and unusual. This mobile phone has a strange elliptical shape and is entirely flexible. The flexible screen technologies will let you twist it around whichever way such as twisting the screen to zoom in and out, zoom into pictures, scroll and so on. It also has the capacity to bend and what comes to mind first is the fact that it will be much less likely to break when dropped.

Yet another intriguing function of HumanForm will likely be the Mood Recognition which implies that appearance of the speaker (for video chat) will adjust based on your mood. With kinetic user interface, natural interactions are enabled.

This ingenuous mobile phone idea is set out to challenge everything else. With its intriguing attributes, what more can you ask for?

Considering that Nokia was the pioneer in the mobile phone business with regards to producing a user friendly, inexpensive and lengthy lasting gadget, everyone is anxiously waiting for the coming of this future device.

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