Pet Wearables – A Must Have For Pet Owners

Wearable technology is not only for individuals – now your cat or dog can be fitted up with GPS trackers and fitness monitoring collars, which offer owners peace of mind.

Pet wearables are set to big business and there is a growing variety of businesses crafting wearable gadgets only for animals. Trackers can track their health – looking for telltale changes in behavior that stage to sickness, and keep tabs on their place should they go walkabout.

Smart wearables are nothing new nowadays there were distinct types of wearables that are accessible and appropriate for your pets but what’s unique about this pet wearables device? Besides GPS, It can monitor your pet’s emotions. The phone application that’s linked to your pet will reveal stats and helpful info regarding your pet.

Electronic device manufacturers including Hong Kong-listed SUGA (0912.HK) and other startups are looking to cash-in on a boom in China in so-called pet wearables, like bright collars, leashes, and feeders.

Pet possession, denounced as a decadent and bourgeois custom following the Communist Party took power in China more than 60 years past, has become popular again among the nation ‘s growing middle class.

Lia Yang Liu, 39, a lecturer in Chinese literature at a Beijing university, purchased a GPS tracker that attaches to her dog’s collar.

“The pet wearables device actually helped me once, when I loosened the collar and he simply ran out of the park,” said Liu. She’s skeptical of other products though.

“I believe the advertisements only exaggerate the effects. I do not consider device can interpret a pet’s language for us.”

The electronic pet device market in China is still fairly modest but by some estimates is growing by a fifth or even a quarter each year, attracting programmers and manufacturers like PetPace LLC, Mars Petcare’s Whistle Labs Inc, i4C Innovations, Fitbark and DeLaval.

Alfred Ng, chief technology officer at Suga, estimates China is now 5 percent of a global market that U.S.-based market intelligence company Foil Market Research approximations was worth $1 billion at the end of 2016.

Ng predicts that China’s share of the marketplace will soar to more than 20 percent by 2024, by which time Foil Market Research estimates the global market is going to be worth at least $2.5 billion.

SUGA makes wearable technology that tracks pets’ well-being and food consumption. Additionally, it is eyeing a device to check on pet emotions.

Chen Xufeng, the marketing manager of Guangzhou-based software developer Guangdong Lekong IOT Technology Co Ltd, anticipates the China marketplace in pet electronic devices to grow 20 percent to 25 percent in the following two to three years.

“There are more than ten million pieces of wearable products for pets sold in the Chinese marketplace annually,” Chen said.

IDTechEx, an unaffiliated market research company, said there are 300 makers of wearable pet gadgets worldwide and nearly half are situated in China. It called the amount will increase to 500 as the marketplace grows.

Ava Lui, 33, an IT professional in Hong Kong, has three cats as well as a dog, and it has fitted her pets with collars that can track their activity and food consumption.

“I only want that they’ll not ever get ill, they will not get hurt. The less I take them to see checks the more time I can spend playing with them. That would be perfect,” she said.

So the next occasion you shop for your gadget, consider your pets and purchase them a pet wearables as well for additional fun and needs. Simply make certain they won’t chew or lost it.