Saivian Review: Good Opportunity or Scam

Saivian is an extremely popular and new business opportunity which is making its rounds on social media among network marketers.

We would like to make it clear that we are encouraging this business opportunity as an affiliate or provider. We have only gathered some facts relating to this company in order to learn the entire truth about it!

Is Saivian a scam? What is it?

When taking a glimpse at the official site for Saivian, we are able to observe the domain name was initially filed back on October 30th of 2015. Sadly, because the domain name was filed under an exclusive state, we’re not able to determine just who and where the registration occurred.

Yet, in spite of lacking info here, we’re in a position to ascertain the President of the organization is someone by the name of John Sheehan.

In accordance with the bio for Sheehan on the Saivian website, the guy has had previous participation on the planet of MLM, and he even possessed various “wireless shops” in 6 different states throughout the United States. Moreover, Sheehan has allegedly “set records in membership and contributions for nonprofits.”

While all of that might seem just like quite a strong background, we were not able to locate any details or previous MLM history on Sheehan when running an Internet search on him.

Another bit of interesting info is the reality that Steve Gewecke is recorded to be Saivian’s Advertising Manager.

For those that don’t recall, Steve Gewecke had a previous engagement with all the MLM chance US Utility Direct method in the year 2012.

Gewecke was the VIP Creator of the business, and although it was never revealed who really possessed it, the organization neglected to really start on the exact date they were advertising – June 30th, 2012.

Soaring forward to August of 2014, Gewecke popped up again as the President of a fresh business that has been going from the name MyNyloxin.

MyNyloxin managed underneath the idea that affiliates would invest anywhere from $300 and $1500 about the assurance that they’d be given both an ROI and extra fees when they had the ability to successfully recruit other affiliates to do something similar.

Yet, attempting to gain access to the MyNyloxin website demonstrates the domain name is inactive.

The history information on Saivian is already off to a small cryptic beginning, but to be able to get a truly strong comprehension of only what’s going on here, we should take a closer look at only what the business offers.

The Product Line For Saivian

Sadly for Saivian, the company won’t have some form of product line set up. Product lines play enormous roles in businesses for one major reason – they permit retail sales to occur.

Retail sales are enormous, as they enable an organization to really have a steady, valid revenue stream that’s always coming to the operation.

With no product line, not only do affiliates for Saivian have nothing to sell to prospective buyers/investors, but the firm also doesn’t have some source of income aside in the investments of these affiliates.

When someone does sign up for Saivian’s affiliate plan, they have been allowed access to an e-commerce portal site that’s run and handled by a third party. On the other hand, the portal site itself seems to possess no real ties to the MLM opportunity that Saivian is advertising and pushing.

What Greatest Advantages Does Saivian Supply?

In case you are already a shopaholic, you might find this cash back system to work for you personally. If you’re spending over $625 a month at retail stores, then it may work in your benefit.

However, are they really legit and going to pay you?

This is the all important issue and why anyone would even wish to join in the very first place.

Pricing & Purchase Details

You must be a paying customer of the cash back system before it is possible to get the advantages that it must provide. The purchase price will definitely cost you $125 EVERY 28 days.

All these will be Saivian memberships you need to use to your own advantage:

Retail Shopping Membership – Here is the membership that gives the 20% cash back for the shopping. Nevertheless, it appears that this can be just accessible America.

You must spend $5 – $300 before you’re permitted to claim the 20% cash back.

International Travel Membership – This covers your entire traveling needs. When you spend $50 – $3000, you’ve got fulfilled the conditions for the 20% cash back and may maintain it by the end of the 30 days.

At least this one is international, your cashback balance expires in 30 days.

What Can I Know Concerning The Settlement Strategy?

With regard to the settlement strategy the business has set in place, affiliates must cover a membership fee of $125 every 28 days. What’s worth noting is the fees which might be accessible aren’t paid out until affiliates can recruit other people to do something similar.

As for the way the firm manages these commissions, Saivian forms everything with a degree payment system.

With this degree system, affiliates are broken up into various teams – with each team starting out by having one single affiliate put in the tip top.

This affiliate subsequently sets out to recruit other people to join the business, and when this happens, the newest recruits are positioned in the Level 1 area. When degree 1 affiliates recruit visitors to join, they may be positioned in the level 2 area, and recruits created by level 2 affiliates are positioned at level 3.

These amounts can go on and on for a nearly infinite number of times, as well as the percentage that the affiliate earns is totally determined by just how many affiliates they’ve recruited within their downline.

Fees are first paid out when an affiliate has 3 members in their own downline, as this leads to a commission of $5 every day. Preserving 12 affiliates in your downline will demote that commission up to $20/day, and getting 80 affiliates in your downline will give you having a commission of $50 daily.

The truth is, if you’re capable of keeping up as numerous as 8000 affiliates in your downline, you’ll stand to make a daily fee of $3000.

Basically, with all the settlement strategy that Saivian is using, recruiting a growing number of affiliates will lead to your earning a more impressive commission daily.

How Do I Join Saivian?

If joining Saivian seems just like an excellent move for you personally, it’s worth regarding the membership dues are in reality fairly pricey. So that you can stay an active affiliate for the firm, you’ll need to pay $125 every 28 days.

If you’re looking at that as an annual price, a membership with Saivian would nearly establish one to pay $1,625 every year.

Saivian Compensation Plan

Here are the rewards for the compensation plan:

Founder position (3 active referrals) – $5/day

VIP (12 active referrals) – $20/day

Elite (39 active referrals) – $30/day

1 Star (80 active referrals) – $50/day

2 Star (150 active referrals) – $100/day

3 Star (300 active referrals) – $150/day

4 Star (500 active referrals) – $200/day

5 Star (750 active referrals) – $300/day

Ambassador (1000 active referrals) – $500/day

Gold Ambassador (2,000 active referrals) – $750/day

Platinum Ambassador (4,000 active referrals) – $1,000/day

Diamond Ambassador (6,000 active referrals) – $2,000/day

Presidential Ambassador (8,000 active referrals) – $3,000/day

Is Saivian Really A Scam or Legit?

It might be tough to tell with a great number of different people telling you different things. We can say it’s not actually a scam. There really are several things that you ought to know about before joining.

The most effective way to be successful will prepare yourself to go in and possess an idea to promote yourself.

Finally, you will learn step by step over the shoulder on how to build an online business the right way! The best part is you will get a one on one coach in the system that will work with you one on one…

By the end of the day, the business model that Saivian has built is really fairly barebones. For more information, you can contact Saivian at or visit Saivian Center website at