Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

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We just didn’t expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be this good. Even there are still some elements that prevent it from being the perfect phone but to leap to this point from the plastic-clad nonsense of the Galaxy S5 is a really, really impressive features.

Samsung didn’t take this assignment lightly, beginning almost completely from scratch and replacing key members of its design team to make sure it created a standout phone. Perhaps the S6 is a little too similar to the rest of the competition but at least there’s the Galaxy S6 Edge for those that want a really unique-looking device.

Finally stepping into the world of metal for its flagships, Samsung’s gone bold on the design of the Galaxy S6. Taking away the usual plastic covered from previous models.  So this time Samsung’s gone one step further by putting an all-metal band to a strong glass case; making a phone that couldn’t be much further from the Galaxy S5. That’s not to say the brand hasn’t kept some of the design heritage in there. Samsung is a company that’s big on tradition after all.

 The front side of the Galaxy S6 harks back to the S4 days, with a rounded and bland fascia combined with the lozenge home button. The rear of the phone will just become marked and smudged within seconds of handling it, so it’s like a silver car the white chassis on the Galaxy S6 serves to hide those ugly blemishes.

It’s a very similar design used in the iPhone6. The metal band round the side is split by strip of plastic to allow the antenna and other radios to make their connections. These plastics are needed as metal is very inefficient at letting phone signal pass though. However, with the glass front and rear you were surprised to see them make sure an appearance.

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The volume buttons on the left-hand side and the power button on the right are perfectly placed, and the home button has been massively upgraded to deliver a very solid click. That might not important, but it’s not been the case with previous Galaxy phones. The rear of the phone yields one of the less aesthetically pleasing elements though, with the camera protrude quite significantly from the back of the Galaxy S6. The reason is to allow for a higher power optical system and you’ll see in the camera section that this was very much worth it.


With the 5.1-inch screen taking up most of the front, it’s compact with a clear feel of premium quality when you’re holding it. It doesn’t feel like the most expensive on the market. It’s not coming through in the plan and sketch, but it does feel like a device that can be mentioned in the same breath as the iPhone 6 or HTC One M9 in terms of build quality. For whatever reason the developer is giving for charging this premium; The 5.1-inch display now packs more pixels than ever before – 1440 x 2560 in fact, which matches the Note 4 but with a higher PPI of 577 – which means you’re looking at the sharpest display on the market.

Samsung has always had brilliant screen technology. The Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with The Super AMOLED technology that can make 1080p screen look extra ordinary, and has been for years. And with bigger screens, the pixels counts helps make them look next generation. The display offers clear and crisp whites against pure blacks; meaning even dark scenes are shown off perfectly. It does still have all the real benefits of Super AMOLED The screen on the Galaxy S6 is superb.

There is nothing that doesn’t look amazing on it, but it does come at the cost of battery life and well actual cost.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review
April 9, 2015
It's no secret that company needed to do something big with its new phone!
9.1 Review Score
We just didn't expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be this good.

It's no secret that company needed to do something big with its new phone!

User Rating: 1.4 (1 votes)