Samsung Galaxy S8: News and Rumors

Farewell to the headphone jack – the latest gossip indicates Samsung is prepared to lose the 3.5mm headphone interface but could add an all-display layout with no house button. The most recent leaks additionally point to double stereo speakers and both male and female variations of Samsung’s forthcoming AI helper, plus masses of integrated storage, an uncommon front-facing camera attribute as well as the price that may surprise you.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was virtually everything we hoped for, with developments throughout leading it to be among the very effective, stylish and all round carried through smartphones out there.

We are also gathering all of the rumors and news about the mobile, along with our own researched information guesses. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is sure to launch in early 2017 since the start of the year is usually when Samsung rolls out its new series of smartphones.

The past few years the brand has shown off the mobile the day before Mobile World Congress begins, with MWC 2017 place to kick off on 27 February… meaning a Galaxy S8 release date of February 26.

In terms of when you will have the ability to fondle it for the very first time, anticipate a two-week wait – so March 13 is our greatest figure there. Though one leak talks about an April release date, so the delay might be longer than common previous release dates.

Having said that, there is some analyst guess that Samsung might bring the release forwards, as a way to minimize the effect of needing to kill the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They do not propose just how much forward the release would be brought, but the S7 is quite unlikely to arrive before the start of 2017.

On the other hand, the start may likewise be pushed back, as Samsung has seemingly delayed development of the smartphone by fourteen days, while it investigates the reason for the Note 7’s overheating issue.

We have also now learned the launch might be pushed back until April, though according to sources speaking to The Investor total quantity shipments of the S8 will begin in February, meaning a February statement and March entrance still ought to be possible.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification Rumors

The drip of info on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slowly growing into a stream, though we are still waiting for powerful rumors on what real elements and layout we might see – but we are competent to take an excellent guess.

We have broken up our ideas up into sections under, but likely highlights comprise a 4K display, a Snapdragon 830 chip, 6GB of RAM along with a massively improved camera.

There is even a possibility the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to have an iris scanner or a foldable display, though the latter is somewhat less likely.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Screen

  • No level variant
  • A 4K screen
  • 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, or 5.7 and 6.2-inch sizes
  • Business sources have reported Samsung may make two variations of the Galaxy S8 next year, but both will come with curved displays.

SamMobile is reporting the versions are codenamed Dream and Dream 2. One with a 5.1-inch screen and another with a 5.5-inch display.

Similar propositions are made more lately, along with claims that both will be woven and have an all-display layout, with a virtual house button as opposed to a physical one.

And those sizes are rumored again, but seemingly, the smaller screen will be QHD, while the bigger one is 4K.

Samsung is making a huge push into VR with its Gear VR headset and one thing it actually must take advantage of that’s sharp displays on its mobiles.

QHD, as we’ve on the Samsung Galaxy S7, is more than sharp enough for using it as a cellphone, but it is not quite up to scratch for VR, therefore it makes sense for Samsung to push the resolution up for a minimum of one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Even minus the bait of VR a sharper display would not be astonishing, as a couple of generations of Galaxy devices have now had QHD ones, so Samsung is likely to need to enhance the resolution further for the Galaxy S8 – and reveal it is MUCH sharper than the 720p iPhone 7.

Battery:  4200 mAh
Camera Features: Optical image stabilization, geo tagging, facial recognition, HDR, auto laser focus
Camera – Front 9.0 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 30 Megapixels
Colors: Black, blue, gold, and white
Features: Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, mini projector
Memory: 64 and 128 GB internal memory and expandable with dual micro SD cards
Operating System: Current Android operating system 2017
Price: $850 USD, 775 Euro – see below
Processor: Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor
Release Date: April 2017
Screen Display: 5.2” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Rumor has it the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to lose the 3.5mm headphone jack. The gossip does not say why it is dropping the heritage technology but does indicate the mobile will instead feature a USBC interface and come with an adapter in the carton.

One space that Samsung could readily enhance for the S8 is the loudspeakers, plus it only might, with rumors that we’ll get double stereo speakers for the very first time on a Samsung main. They may additionally use Harman technology, which may make sense since Samsung has bought the brand.

We could see an iris scanner on the mobile, as the firm has adhered one on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as well as the attribute has since been rumored for the Galaxy S8 more than once.

But its inclusion is not ensured, as it does not actually add a lot beyond a ‘hyper’ degree of security that some individuals would want on the Note 7, given it is the basic business device. Having said that, the scanner never got much of an excursion with all the Note 7 being killed, so Samsung will probably wish to give it a chance.