Samsung Galaxy S8 Safe and Explosion-Proofed

Samsung has wowed us all with its latest main handset, the Galaxy S8, plus it’s a great thing also that it is safe to use, unlike the Note 7 explosion controversy.

Samsung Electronics is recalling its main Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and said that battery troubles were behind the phone issue catching fire.

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The company went to great lengths to re-establish its reputation after its phablets began overheating, starting a complete investigation that identified battery was the origin of the issue.

And now that it is started what’s an honestly stunning phone in the type of the S8, to assure customers that this slick-looking handset will not go up in flames.

Sammy has posted an interview with its Senior Vice President of the Reliability Group, Sangkyu Lee, around on its media website, plus it is worth a read for the insights into how the S8 was explosion-proofed.

Lee talks about the way in which the business focused on “practical worth and security” when designing the telephone, rather than on outdoing opponents.

The SVP of Dependability maintains the Galaxy S8 will keep its charge much better than preceding versions, which has been among the sole concerns we have had, seeing as the 3000mAh battery has stayed the same size as the cell in the Galaxy S7 but the display has grown in size.

Lee said: “Rather than focusing on short-term gains – such as reducing charging time by a few, trivial minutes – we concentrated on keeping the durability of the battery over the long run and especially over hundreds of charging cycles.

“As an outcome, the Galaxy S8 will keep up its longevity better than preceding versions, offering more value to the consumer.”

It appears Lee’s group designed the whole phone around battery optimization, ensuring battery safety standards were enhanced all round for the new S8.

Consequently, the S8 comes with more space around the battery itself so the new “mount layout” can sit comfortably in the chassis and watch over the cell against falls and bumps.

The group additionally fixed the design layout to ease pressure on the electrode and prevent any battery leakages, while adding “software protection algorithms” to modulate the cell’s temperature, battery charging current, and charging duration.

To put it differently, it appears Samsung was taking no chances with its latest handset, even going as far as to introduce a fresh 8-Point Battery Security Test.

The evaluation, based on Lee, calls for a durability evaluation, visual Inspection, X-Ray Test, disassembling evaluation and ΔOCT evaluation (to determine whether there are any present leakages) – along with new measures like the charge and discharge evaluation, TVOC Test, and gifted use evaluation.

Samsung even formed a “battery advisory group” that is composed of outside advisors including study and research specialists to make sure the safety of consumers will be prioritized.

You can see a more in-depth breakdown of the many evaluations Samsung batteries now get around on the site.

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