Sphero R2-D2 review

Sphero does it again with its most recent launch.  It has packed its R2-D2 using a great quantity of technology and also made sure that it can move freely in your carpeting!


  • Fantastic replica version of R2-D2
  • Mannerisms and controllers are placed on


  • Somewhat pricier than other Sphero drones
  • Up contrary to a Number of Other R2-D2s from the Marketplace

After BB-8 was declared for Your Force Awakens, it was a perfect match for Sphero.  It was a no-brainer that the organization’s related toys (which only happened to be spherical) may be forced to make a droid that included 85% across the ball.

Considering that the first BB-8 launch, nevertheless, Sphero has branched out beyond the chunk using quite a few releases having the AI smarts you have begun to associate with the firm – like a speaking Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen from Cars 3 – however do not rely on being around.

And today it’s done it again the most well-known Star Wars droid in history, R2-D2.  Published on Force Friday II, Sphero announced two new additions to the growing Star Wars household – the wicked Sphero BB-9E and this, the most well-known Star Wars droid in history, R2-D2.

Design and Attributes

When you’ve used any Sphero merchandise, you understand what you’re getting using the Sphero R2-D2.

R2-D2 can use his reliable paths but it moves at a similar method to another droid, through the committed program.  Having paths does make Artoo somewhat slower than another Sphero toys but in addition, it suggests that retraining is a bit easier.  The tracks work very well on carpeting, also, so R2-D2 ought to have the ability to move freely so long as your carpeting is not overly thick and shaggy.

Not being limited to a ball shape has also supposed that Sphero has managed to bring a bit more detail into R2-D2’s chassis.  There are a number of nice bits, such as a few rubber ‘hydraulic’ foot cabling in the base along with a retractable third foot.

It stands taller also, at 17cm (approximately 7 inches).  It is quite especially thicker too, at 370g – when compared with 200g for another Sphero droids.

Start up it, however, and it is R2-D2 through and through.  Its mannerisms are indistinguishable and the noises it makes are totally accurate.

Sphero clarified to TechRadar that it moved to Skywalker Sound to find the first records of R2-D2 in Star Wars: A New Hope and used these as a foundation for the bleeps and bloops.  It is all about the detail.


Assessing the R2-D2 is just like all other Sphero goods, via a dedicated program.  A brand new app was created – known as Droids from Sphero – so that all of your Sphero droids could be controlled from 1 area.

This is really a help as it is very likely that fans of Star Wars will need more than 1 droid to perform with.

Much like all the other droids, you receive a digital d-pad to restrain Artoo.  The d-pad now moves to where your thumb is on the display, which is really a blessing as it makes commanding so much simpler.

There are a few lovely one-touch gesture flourishes from the program that are sort of like special moves.  These are displayed as pictures onto the right side of this program and also include a ‘freak out’ minute, Artoo speeding off and you will have him talking to you also.

R2-D2’s mind goes, also, exactly like another Sphero droids but it is not removable.  It will have his front and back LED lights, however, to increase the authenticity.

We only had limited time with Artoo, but it is an impressive toy that is connected.  Sphero has made it so that every droid can socialize with one another.  We have yet to find this in action but we did see the fantastic new inclusion of the Holographic Simulation.

Here he roams about an AR edition of this Millennium Falcon without fear that you will lose your Artoo unit – it merely moves its mind when you’re drifting through the boat so there is no fear of losing him.  It is a fantastic addition to this Sphero installation.

You’ll also have the ability to see Star Wars movies with Artoo, through the Watch With Me attribute.  The Force Awakens and Rogue currently available –

And out of Force Friday II you’ll Have the Ability to see Star Wars: A New Hope, also.