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Strip Off and Get Free Clothes on Single’s Day

Would you dare to take off your clothes to get new ones for absolutely free? Shopping while naked turns to be a worldwide marketing event these days, shoppers will be given a task to show up to the store naked in exchange for free clothes. Who will not dare for something free? 

Shoppers strip off to their underwear

The event was held in China on Single’s day, last year of November 2014 oddly it is now only spreading on the internet. A Chinese mall in Wuhan City China held a successful sales promotion with the slogan, “Take off your clothes and Get new ones for free.”

The special sale was a huge success because the task is too simple and easy to do. All shoppers were lined up early for the promotion while they stripped down to their underwear.

China’s Single’s Day

The amazing sale was a promotion for China’s version of Black Friday, Single’s Day – a day celebrating single life that became a China’s great shopping day. The promotion required first 200 shoppers to take part in the special deal then they will received $160 USD worth of clothing shopping spree.

However, Single’s Day is often celebrate the day after the Valentine’s Day in most countries but China’s Single’s Day is more like Black Friday. Some retailers in China mark down their prices and promote fun deals during Single’s Day to motivate all singles to treat themselves to something nice.

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  • shop-naked-5

The event organisers of Single’s day in China invited 100 underwear models to make sure they can take good photos and to boost up their shoppers confidence, because there’s no better feeling standing next to a model just wearing your underwear.

The Single’s Day was fun, random and weird, some may considered it as strange event for something free especially for conservative people but for free clothes, why not?

This kind of marketing ploy is not new, back in 2012 Desigual a clothing store in Spain held the same event for their grand opening store in Madrid. In Germany a clothing store tried the same special sale with the same set of shopping guidelines.


Desigual Grand Opening Event Guidelines are the following;

  • Get up early because the store only allowed first 100 shoppers who will arrived at Desigual Store in Madrid, Preciados.
  • Strip down to your underwear.
  • Store doors will open at 9:00 a.m.
  • Look around and try some clothes then choose which are your favorite Desigual outfit.
  • Go to the cashier and you don’t need to pay any amount. Store staff will only remove the alarms from your clothing.