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Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Her

Christmas is not far off, but have you discovered the perfect gifts for the women in your life?  If the answer is no, you are only human and you have had significant Christmas parties to attend and, ooh look a squirrel.  Do not worry, we can still help.  Have a look at the present ideas below and get your act together for the big moment.

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Ever experienced the guilt of seeing a plant that has been left to a slow death, its leaves gradually turning brown?  You can save your loved ones from exactly the exact same guilt.  These cute Peropon Drinking Animal Planters require almost no attention, rather than producing oxygen and offering a sweet fragrance.  And all it takes is a sip out of their tongues to give nourishment to the plants in their back.  Coming in four magical versions — dog, cat, frog as well as the especially cute panda — those planters will make certain to brighten up any kitchen.

Pooch Selfie

Dogs are idiots.  However often you say “cheese” they will lick your ear wash before you will make them sit still long enough to get a selfie, let alone examine the camera.  As we have already established, however, dogs are idiots, so stick this Pooch Selfie ball attachment to the peak of the phone and they will sit and stare at it while you snap off.  Just be certain they don’t lunge for it and wind up chewing your phone into pieces.  As good as the pics might be, that is a costly photo shoot.

Unicorn Charger

Maintaining your phone charged can feel like swimming against the tide.  You have had a busy day and when you notice that battery life struck red, it is time to handle the tide of despair.  Maintain your charging smartphone afloat with the Unicorn Charger, a mobile 2600mAh battery which — and this is the vital part — comes in the form of a unicorn.  What, the title gave it away?  Anyhoo, today when the receiver of this awesome gift has a drained battery, there’ll be no floating down Misery River, but rather the joyous look of a unicorn with a metaphorical rubber dinghy and a set of oars.

Lego: Women of NASA

There’s tons of terrible stuff happening in the world at this time, but the recognition of women who have helped shape (and are forming) our planet is something great.  Lego’s latest Ideas collection is an exceptional example of this, celebrating merely some of the extraordinary women — Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison — accountable for beating it at NASA through the years.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The signs are clear: the apocalypse is incoming.  Merry Christmas.  But when the world’s turned into a stone-age wasteland, we will all rue the day we chose to rely on cloud-based photo albums and stop printing out our photos.  Prepare loved ones for the reckoning by getting them a cute, simple-to-use photo printer for Chrimbo.  How else are they going to pin pics of your face on the walls of this cave?

Flyte Manhattan Levitating Light

Witchcraft, I tell thee!  How the hell can you describe a light bulb drifting in mid-air?  And it is still lit.  Needless to say, there’s a possibility that, in certain areas of the world, the receiver of the magical lamp could nevertheless be burned at the stake, so purchase with care and throw holy water on your left shoulder three days before the clock strikes midnight.

Ted Baker Rosine Gem Gardens Suitcase

Combining chic design with practicality, this medium-sized bag is a must-have for those long weekends away.  It is adorned with a trendy, eye-catching flower print which will be the envy of fellow guests as it is rolled into the hotel foyer.  Produced from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate, this case also boasts a state-of-the-art aluminum trolley system which makes it glide across the ground.  Way too wonderful to be filled with all the novelty socks you (unwisely) chose to give her for Christmas.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Concerning value, there is no better Kindle.  This is the e-reader for the no-nonsense, no-flash type of person who only needs to take all their novels on the move or read in bed, with no need for frills — only literary delights.  The display on the Paperwhite is superbly sharp, the battery life is excellent, and the touch controls are responsive.