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Samsung 860 Evo Review

What’s the Samsung 860 Evo?

The Samsung 850 Evo has been a popular SATA SSD for a while, smartly combining excellent performance with an excellent price.  Now, Samsung is back with an updated version, the 860 Evo, which improves on the first and bumps up maximum storage into a whopping 4TB.


Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Her

Christmas is not far off, but have you discovered the perfect gifts for the women in your life?  If the answer is no, you are only human and you have had significant Christmas parties to attend and, ooh look a squirrel.  Do not worry, we can still help.  Have a look at the present ideas below and get your act together for the big moment.

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Ever experienced the guilt of seeing a plant that has been left to a slow death, its leaves gradually turning brown?  You can save your loved ones from exactly the exact same guilt.  These cute Peropon Drinking Animal Planters require almost no attention, rather than producing oxygen and offering a sweet fragrance.  And all it takes is a sip out of their tongues to give nourishment to the plants in their back.  Coming in four magical versions — dog, cat, frog as well as the especially cute panda — those planters will make certain to brighten up any kitchen.

Pooch Selfie

Dogs are idiots.  However often you say “cheese” they will lick your ear wash before you will make them sit still long enough to get a selfie, let alone examine the camera.  As we have already established, however, dogs are idiots, so stick this Pooch Selfie ball attachment to the peak of the phone and they will sit and stare at it while you snap off.  Just be certain they don’t lunge for it and wind up chewing your phone into pieces.  As good as the pics might be, that is a costly photo shoot.

Unicorn Charger

Maintaining your phone charged can feel like swimming against the tide.  You have had a busy day and when you notice that battery life struck red, it is time to handle the tide of despair.  Maintain your charging smartphone afloat with the Unicorn Charger, a mobile 2600mAh battery which — and this is the vital part — comes in the form of a unicorn.  What, the title gave it away?  Anyhoo, today when the receiver of this awesome gift has a drained battery, there’ll be no floating down Misery River, but rather the joyous look of a unicorn with a metaphorical rubber dinghy and a set of oars.

Lego: Women of NASA

There’s tons of terrible stuff happening in the world at this time, but the recognition of women who have helped shape (and are forming) our planet is something great.  Lego’s latest Ideas collection is an exceptional example of this, celebrating merely some of the extraordinary women — Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison — accountable for beating it at NASA through the years.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The signs are clear: the apocalypse is incoming.  Merry Christmas.  But when the world’s turned into a stone-age wasteland, we will all rue the day we chose to rely on cloud-based photo albums and stop printing out our photos.  Prepare loved ones for the reckoning by getting them a cute, simple-to-use photo printer for Chrimbo.  How else are they going to pin pics of your face on the walls of this cave?

Flyte Manhattan Levitating Light

Witchcraft, I tell thee!  How the hell can you describe a light bulb drifting in mid-air?  And it is still lit.  Needless to say, there’s a possibility that, in certain areas of the world, the receiver of the magical lamp could nevertheless be burned at the stake, so purchase with care and throw holy water on your left shoulder three days before the clock strikes midnight.

Ted Baker Rosine Gem Gardens Suitcase

Combining chic design with practicality, this medium-sized bag is a must-have for those long weekends away.  It is adorned with a trendy, eye-catching flower print which will be the envy of fellow guests as it is rolled into the hotel foyer.  Produced from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate, this case also boasts a state-of-the-art aluminum trolley system which makes it glide across the ground.  Way too wonderful to be filled with all the novelty socks you (unwisely) chose to give her for Christmas.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Concerning value, there is no better Kindle.  This is the e-reader for the no-nonsense, no-flash type of person who only needs to take all their novels on the move or read in bed, with no need for frills — only literary delights.  The display on the Paperwhite is superbly sharp, the battery life is excellent, and the touch controls are responsive.


Christmas Gift Guide 2017: Gifts for Him

Are the correct presents rockin’ around your Christmas tree?  If you are having difficulty buying for the men/boys in your life or fighting to select something for yourself, we have slung together a few thoughts.  The prices start from ooh and head towards ouch, so there should be something for every budget.

10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

It seems amazing to think that Doctor Who was essentially in limbo for a decade and a half before the big 2005 revival.  The show of a new Doc is currently a gigantic international event, and the torrent of Doctor Who merch is flowing out more openly than ever.  Among the most popular Time, Lords of the recent creation has become the manic Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and this is a bargainous replica of his sonic screwdriver that will make any cosplaying fans happy on December 25.

With Great Beard… T-shirt

Not so long ago, if you knew a guy with a beard, there was a fantastic chance he taught history in a secondary school and smelled of roll-ups.  Nowadays beard is king.  We have enough facial hair between the Trusted Reviews group that we can use a week’s trimmings to recreate a full-size village of Ewoks.  Thus, even if you don’t know anybody who would suit this T-shirt, we will take 10 of these at a size L.

Lego Star Wars: Luke’s Landspeeder 75173Z

If you are old enough to have begun your Star Wars seeing from Episode IV, one of the most iconic scenes of your youth is surely when ol’ Ben Kenobi comes to Luke’s rescue, revealing those Tusken Raiders that mad old hermits are not to be trifled with.

This Lego set might not provide the best value in the number of bits or time to construct, but when it is the nostalgic value you are after, this is right up there.  The minifigures contained are Luke (obviously), old Obi-Wan, C-3P0, and a Tusken Raider.  There’s even a very small womp rat thrown in, but regrettably no small Christmas crackers.

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Trimming your nose hair is a boring, interminably dull job.  That is why most guys walk around with half a gorilla dangling on their snozz.  Time to inject some fun so that you really wake up in the morning wanting to demonstrate those overgrown nose hairs who is boss.  Critical to men’s grooming in the space era, the Ray Gun Nose Trimmer blasts nose hairs aside like they are particularly puny Romulans.  Set phaser to magnificent nasal passages.

UE Wonderboom

How are you supposed to rock out to Shakin’ Stevens in the shower if you don’t have a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker?  This is the burning question of our era.  For a sensational price, you can find the UE Wonderboom, a small sound grenade that blasts well beyond its size, and can endure the splashing as you swing your legs in time to ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’.

Call of Duty WW2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This is the ideal CoD in years and takes us back to the most Christmassy of times: World War II.  Oh no, that was World War I, soccer game in the snow and all that.  Never mind.  Sod it, get FIFA or PES if you are that bothered.  Anyway, we are talking amazing set-pieces (not of the soccer variety) with stunning visuals and tense, atmospheric gameplay.  Call of Duty WW2’s single-player effort might keep you going until New Year’s.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If like me, you have just saved a ton of postage fees through Amazon’s Prime service, you will also have access to the business’s Prime Video service.  The Fire TV Stick not only streams all of Amazon’s own on-demand content to your telly but also streams Netflix and the complete roster of UK catch-up services.  So perhaps your smart TV does all that, but this smart little bit of electrickery also provides you access to Amazon’s Alexa electronic assistant, with no need for an Amazon Echo device.  Alexa, play ‘All I Want For Christmas.’

SoundMagic E50

The SoundMagic E50 earphones are a great, affordable upgrade to those that come bundled with mobiles.  They also provide a higher-end vibe than most other pairs in the purchase price.  Their sisters, the SoundMagic E10, are among the most popular pairs of the previous five decades, but these are altogether more serious, more precise.  And they seem pretty good, too.  Plug them in your lugholes and discover the complaints about Brussel sprouts and older relatives asking when the Queen’s address is on.

Lenovo Mirage: Jedi Challenges

Imagine Kylo Ren actually appearing to be projected in your living space.  You own a lightsaber in your hand, and the blade can also be projected as you swing the hilt towards his absurd teenage-tantrumming head.  Welcome to Jedi Challenges.

The kit comprises the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a Bluetooth-connected lightsaber hilt, and a positioning beacon. Download the application onto your phone, insert it in the headset and you’ll be able to begin your augmented-reality training against droids, Stormtroopers, and Sith lords.

But this is not nearly lightsaber battles.  The game is divided into three parts, with another two being the Holochess played by R2-D2 and Chewie, and a real-time strategy game in which you control your troops in conflicts against AT-ATs, hover tanks and all sorts.

Xbox One X

Last Christmas belonged to Nintendo and the quirky small twist.  This season is all about the most powerful console on the current market, the Xbox One X. Got yourself a shiny 4K HDR telly and looking to have something shiny to watch on it?  The 1 X pumps out gambling visuals in Ultra HD resolution and supports HDR for specific names.  There is a 4K Blu-ray player built in.

If you are still rocking an original Xbox One, the X is cooler, quieter, quicker… Better in every way, essentially.


Best Christmas tech Presents 2017

Christmas is finally here, but if you have not finished your shopping yet – or even begun it – do not panic! There is still just enough time to get the ideal present.

In the Amazon Echo Plus into the Microsoft Xbox One X, 2017 has been a terrific year for new technology, meaning there are plenty of choices for the gadget lovers in your life.

To provide you with some inspiration, we have pulled together a list of some of the most exciting and innovative gadgets and tech-inspired presents, together with advice on where to purchase them.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus is the first of Amazon’s smart speakers to come with a built-in smart house hub, enabling it to act as the nerve center for smart home devices, like lights, plugs, and appliances.

It is available in black, silver and white, and can be obtained directly from Amazon for $139.99.

Sonos PlayBase

The Sonos PlayBase is a slim, but highly effective speaker that’s designed to look like a slab of granite. The two-in-one apparatus brings full-cinema audio to your TV and streams music also, so it is actually the only speaker you need in your living space.

The PlayBase available in white and black, and can be bought directly from Sonos for $699.

MekaMon robot

Described as the “world’s first gaming robot”, the MekaMon robot is a multifunctional, connected battle-bot with augmented reality capabilities controlled by an app on your iPhone or iPad.

It comes in black or white and is available to buy in from Apple’s online store, at a cost of $299.95.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has shaken up the gaming market with its Change console, which combines the power of standard home games console with the portability and convenience of a handheld device.

It comes in a variety of-of configurations and bundled with a selection of matches, but the simple console prices $279.99 and is accessible in the Nintendo Store.

Google Pixelbook

Google’s Pixelbook combines stylish design and lightning-fast processing rates with the recognizable Chrome interface. It may be utilized in either notebook or tablet mode, as a result of its 360-degree hinge, and it is the first notebook with the Google Assistant built in.

At $999, it costs far more than other Chromebooks on the current market, but there is no question it’s a cut above the rest. The PixelBook is available to buy from Google’s online store.

Anki Cozmo

Anki’s Cozmo robot has a mischievous character all of its own. It may move around aimlessly, recognize faces, play games, and express an entire array of emotions with its large digital eyes – and thanks to built-in artificial intelligence, its character evolves the longer you play with this.

The typical red and white version is available from Argos for #199.99. There is also an exclusive Cozmo Liquid Metal Collector’s Edition.

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet whenever the buzzer is pressed. It features a two-way mike and an HD-quality camera so that you can interact with visitors in real time.

It is available in silver gold, brown and black, and can be bought directly from Ring for $159.

Apple iPad Guru (10.5-inch)

Apple’s iPads are always high up on the lust list. This year’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro has the greatest screen-to-body ratio of some of Apple’s tablet computers and boasts an A10X chip, providing performance that rivals many notebooks.

The iPad Pro comes in silver, gold, space gray and rose gold, and can be bought directly from Apple’s online store, with a starting price of $619.

All-New Amazon Kindle Oasis

The all-new Kindle Oasis isn’t just Amazon’s most advanced e-reader, however, boasting a 7-inch high-resolution screen and Audible built in, but the first waterproof Kindle, which means that you can read your favorite books in the tub or by the pool.

It may be bought directly from Amazon, with a starting price of $229.99 for the 8GB version with WiFi connectivity.

Microsoft Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is billed as the “world’s most effective games console”, aimed at hardcore gamers who want their activity at 4K ultra high definition. It’s a 12.3GHz chip, backed by 12GB of RAM and a 1 terabyte hard drive, meaning games will load quicker, frame rates are improved and there is an overall smoothness of matches.

Like the Nintendo Switch, there is a vast array of gaming packages available, but in case you simply need the console, it is available for $449.99 in the Xbox Store.