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5 Best Smartphones 2017

Here are the top smartphones of 2017. Therefore whether you are after the best Android smartphone money can buy, an iPhone upgrade or a new Windows 10 mobile to pair by means of your laptop, these smartphones has been tested by its functionality and overall performance.


Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

We compared the Galaxy S8 to the LG G6 and describe the essential differences. Back in February 2017, LG unveiled the LG G6 smartphone, its main handset for the early portion of the entire year. But Samsung is gunning for glory with all the Galaxy S8, embracing a similar all-display front and widescreen aspect ratio.


2017 Best Phablets

Phablets aren’t really as distinctive as they were in the past, with the growing variety of devices today returning with 5.5-inch displays and bigger. But, you can still find several excellent options available for those that need something larger.