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iPhone 4S Review


iPhone 4S is quick and responsive, which makes all the difference when you’re launching apps, browsing the web, gaming, and doing just about everything. And no matter what you’re doing, you can keep on doing it.


Malware Threats Increase

malware threat on android phones

The best Google Mobile applications are offered for phones that run the Android operating system. A lot of Android-powered phones come with Google applications pre-installed and are also the ideal Android apps from Google. This includes Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube just to name several.


iOS Flaw could Expose iPhones, iPads to Malicious Apps

iOS flaws

Many has been said and written about Apple’s bionetwork. But not until a distinguished computer security researcher uncovered a threatening bug in ios 5, a bug in Apple’s mobile operating system that grants hackers to control iPhone and iPad apps. It can be used to steal people’s images, contacts and even text messages without the device’s user knowledge.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb is a light and slim tablet at 8.6 mm, a hair thinner than the Apple iPad 2 and at 565 it can be also 36 gram lighter. It features a smaller footprint than either Motorola Xoom or the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which are heavier and larger than several tablets.


iPad 2 Review

8.5Ipad 2 features

iPad is an ultimate portable device that is best for checking your e-mail, web surfing, reading books, playing games and lot more that not just kids are liking it but adults within the business world as well.


ACER Iconia Tab A500 Review

9Acer Iconia Sleek Design

Acer Iconia Tab A500 features a handful of bundled apps. Acer and other pc makers do the identical factor with laptops. From time to time, the bundled apps are outstanding and add value. Sometimes, they just add clutter, however with Acer Iconia Tab A500, all the apps are beneficial.


Ways to Jailbreak iPhone 4s and Reasons Why to Jailbreak

Ways to Jailbreak iPhone 4s to release the complete performance to your iPhone that Apple has locked down for one reason or yet another. Chances are, you can find sample of jailbreak software solutions that you could use to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad up to the latest version but these solutions usually are not created by main iPhone cyberpunk online community and could pose a risk for some users as they are not correctly examined.


Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 Tablet Review

8.5Motorola Xoom

The very first Android 3.0 tablet to be released onto market place would be the Motorola Xoom and it really is so exciting that it’s the very first Android tablet to dispatch with an OS that’s designed particularly for large screens.